We feel that each child is unique and beautiful. From the moment children are born they
have certain traits unique and individual which make-up each child’s personality and
character.   Our Infant Program consists of two classrooms each accommodating eight
children with two loving caregivers.  We make sure that we have available extra sets of
hands to nurture and soothe for those times when everyone seems to want that little bit of
extra attention.   

The environment in Smart Start’s Infant Program is set up to meet the developmental
needs of the children and provides them many areas to explore.  Each child has his/her
own crib and bedding.  

At the end of each day, you will be given a “Daily Report” with the information regarding
the day’s events and activities, i.e. naps, fluids, diapering behavior and milestones in
development which your child may have reached. Our infant teachers work with each
child’s individual qualities.  An individualized lesson plan will be prepared for your child.   
Your child’s lesson plan will contain the following:

1.         Sensory Stimulation: (Touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling)
Infants require constant cuddling and stroking. Our infant teachers will speak softy and
cheerfully during routines and “social times”. Visual stimulation will occur through the use
of mobiles, colors, mirrors, colorful rattles, toys and cups. We will gradually offer
expansion of food which will cultivate tastes and smells. A variety of textures, sizes,
weights and shapes of objects will be offered to your child to enhance his or her

2.         Physical Needs: Comfortable, quiet provisions for sleep and rest will be provided.
Working with you, our infant teachers will satisfy your child’s feeding routine and
nutritional requirements.

3.        Social Needs: Your child will have the opportunity to be within sight and sound of
others. There will be talking, reading, social games, music, pictures, and mirrors. We will
take short outdoor “buggy” rides to identify surroundings. Stimulating toys will be provided.

4.          Safety: Hygienic diapering procedures, with provisions for sanitizing the infant
teachers hand’s and surfaces, are strictly enforced.  

5.    Gross and fine Motor Coordination: Our infant teachers will provide a variety of
activities for your child in order to stimulate gross and fine motor coordination such as
crawling, rolling, sitting and pulling up. Safe washable toys to reach for grasping, shaking,
banging and moving will be provided. Objects to crawl through, sit in, stack, rock, climb,
etc., are all provided for your child’s exploration.
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