Children ages twelve to twenty-four months are our “Toddlers”.   Toddlers have a
“new found freedom”.   All of a sudden they are free to walk on their own and explore their
surroundings with a little help from the grown-ups in their lives. They are quick to learn and
grow.  Children learn all the time, and require opportunities to follow their interests,
explore, experiment, and make choices.  

     By the time a child reaches the age of 24 months, they are walking well, rapidly
developing expressive language and becoming better able to relay their likes and dislikes
to others.  They understand and use many words and will be able to put together two-word
sentences.  While we are teaching them words for emotions, actions and objects, we will
be concentrating on the sounds of the beginning letters of those words.  We have found
that by teaching the sounds of the letters and their introduction at an early age, the
children will be reading at an earlier age.

     Social and Emotional Development, Language Development, Physical Development,
Creative Development and Cognitive Development are the areas that are addressed
throughout our curriculum.  Our curriculum is flexible and allows the teachers to work with
the children at their individual development level.  Nurturing while teaching them the
concepts of play help the children to develop trust with each other and their own actions.   

     Our Toddler program consists of 4 classrooms for children age 12 months to 24
months and 3 classrooms for children ages 25 months to 36 months. Although the children
are grouped according to age, the specific ages for each classroom may vary depending
on Center enrollment. The curriculum will reflect both the developmental ages of the
children in the room as well as the chronological ages.  Our research tells us that we can
best nurture and teach our toddlers by utilizing a combination of published curriculums.    
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