a family of early childhood educators who love children.  We recognize that every
parent wants their child to be treated as an individual, nurtured and encouraged to enjoy
learning.  We hope that you will agree that our secure environment and warm atmosphere
is the best for your child's growth and happiness. We thank you for the opportunity to give
your child a “smart start” in their early childhood education!

     Our mission is to provide an atmosphere that promotes emotional stability, a solid early
childhood education and a creative foundation that will challenge and instill a “love of
learning” within each child.
     The philosophy of Smart Start Pre-Prep begins with providing each child an
atmosphere that will encourage positive growth and development with an emphasis on
education and emotional well-being. We recognize that children must be surrounded daily
by actions that show respect, consistency and concern for the nourishment of each child’s
natural desire to learn and grow. We believe that learning is achieved by combining
educational practices such as reading, math, arts and sciences with creative play. Given
this understanding, the purpose of our program is:

  •        To provide an environment in which each child can develop physically,
    emotionally, socially, and intellectually in a meaningful       fashion;
  •      To provide a curriculum that is challenging yet age appropriate in terms of skills
    and concept objectives, in a planned environment that allows each child to reach the
    objective to the best of their ability;
  •        To develop the inherent creativity in every child through an environment that is
    secure and stimulating, rich in experiences and materials, where he or she is free to
    investigate and create;
  •    To guide in the development of self-discipline, self-motivation, and the desire to do
    one’s best;
  •        To encourage responsibility and mutual respect for one another, and to develop
    an awareness and appreciation for one’s environment;
  •        To provide an atmosphere where a child knows he or she is loved, appreciated
    and understood at their own developmental level and self-expression.
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