In order to enroll your child in our program, we require that you first meet with the Director
and discuss your child’s development needs.  We do this to insure that our program is
suitable to your child’s needs.  We have many outside resources for children with special
needs.  Please seek a Director for a list should the need arise for your child.
            As a parent of a future Smart Start Pre-Prep student, we know you have a lot of
excellent questions concerning admission to our School. We are here to help! The goal of
Admissions is to ensure that your child’s school experience is enriching, enlightening, and
fun! We encourage you to browse through our website and to contact us with any
questions you might have. Finally, we invite you to come take a look at the school by
scheduling a tour.

   Smart Start Pre-Prep strives to place each child in the preschool class which will give
the child the best opportunity to grow in an environment suited to their developmental
needs and personality.  When you enroll you will be given a questionnaire that will assist
us in doing just that! Seeing is believing!  No matter how sophisticated our virtual world
becomes, there is no substitute for the real thing. Call us to arrange a tour. Discover how
our Core Values of Community, Responsibility, Respect, Ethics, Honor, and Growth
combine to create the energetic spirit that is the heart and soul of Smart Start Pre-

   Experience for yourself the warmth and compassion that emanates from our staff as
they interact with our children. See for yourself why at Smart Start Pre-Prep learning feels
like family.  

  We are delighted that you are considering Smart Start Pre-Prep and look forward to
hearing from you.  
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Phone: 813-855-7333
Extra Curricular

  • Kidz Dance Club
  • Kidz Bilingual Club
  • Kidz Piano Club
  • After School
    Martial Arts