An assessment to determine developmental age will be administered to each child after
an adjustment period has been allowed.  On-going assessments are conducted
throughout the year.  The assessments allow us to assure that we are offering a
developmentally appropriate program that meets the goals for the whole class as well as
the individual child.           
 Assessments will be shared with the parents upon completion.  If at any time parents
wish to meet with a teacher to discuss the assessment issues, they can contact the
teacher and schedule a meeting in person or by telephone.  We do ask that parents
schedule a conference in person or by telephone to discuss in depth issues and try to
refrain from discussion at drop-off and pickup times.  Assessments will be performed on
children at the following age intervals:

     4, 6, 12, 14, 18, 24, 27, 30 and 36 months
     3-4 Years (October and March of each year)
     4-5 Years (October and March of each year)

 If at anytime a child is performing below age level in an assessment area, an
individualized lesson plan shall be designed for that child and updated until that child has
reached an age appropriate level.
All curriculum used in the Smart Start classrooms incorporates Developmentally
Appropriate Practices (DAP) as set forth by the National Association for the Education
of Young Children (NAEYC) which utilizes  the latest brain research.  Our curriculum
has essential features that work towards instilling in each child a love of learning.  
Instruction is given in a relaxed and organized manner.  We offer sequential
experiences in pre-math, pre-sciences and pre-reading.  Each child receives education
gradually without being forced.

They will learn through experiences.   Each child is accepted at their own
developmental level and we help the child to consolidate their abilities as they work
towards their goals whether social-emotional, physical or intellectually.  Through
experiences offered they will learn and progress to their next level.  

Open-ended questioning is used to stimulate thinking and encourage verbal
responses.  Children will have the ability to act freely within their environment.  
Children are helped to consolidate their abilities by questions being asked about their
plans, intentions, experiences and observations.  The teaching method we utilize
assures a comfortable secure learning environment.  
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